Social Responsibility & Training

Quintillion Tek supports education and training within the IT field of youth from previously disadvantaged communities, disabled people and women.

We offer the following:


78964 Further Education and Training Certificate: Information Technology: Technical Support
Credits: 165
Accredited by: MICT SETA


63909 National Certificate: Business Analysis
Credits: 149
Accredited by MICT SETA

Java Bootcamp (Spring / Angular) – R64 950 –

Our Java Bootcamp training course is the best way to start your computer programming career. We focus on practical employment skills to enter the job market.


6 months training – Full Time and Part Time Available


Registration open for February 2020


Study Loan Repayment Options


  • Bcom Informatics
  • Bachelor of Science in Computing
  • Bachelor of Information Science
  • BSc in Information Technology and Computer Science (Information Technology Management)
  • BA Information Science

The learners will receive full funding for their qualification and a minimum stipend

For 2020 Registration, please request application forms by sending email to

For companies wanting to Partner with us in providing sponsorship to the learners please send email to: